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Three tips to get happy customers

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Happy customers

Happy customers stay longer, recommend your destination, and they come back!

As a destination offering outdoor activities, you want your customers to be able to choose activities that make them happy, have them leave with a smile and make them want to come back. Activities that fit to your guests interests, physical and technical abilities, equipment and time.

Every customer is different and has individual demands, which makes it important to provide easy accessible and good information about the possibilities of your destination.

How to annoy your guests

You might have seen QR-codes on printed maps or brochures linking to an app.

So far, so good. A lot more and up-to-date information can be provided digitally. An app can provide valuable functions like navigation and interactivity, opening more possibilities for both the guests and destinations.

BUT! You scanned the QR-Code that brought you to an app store. There you have to download the app which can take a long time because of its size, the connection is slow, or your phone's storage is full and you had to delete another app first. Then you have to install it, register a user account, wait for the confirmation e-mail, log in, and THEN you have access to the information and functions.

This is how it works in many of the existing solutions, a barrier that is so high that most guests just give up.

Now that sounds like marketing - and it actually is: With Trailguide you scan the QR-code and the web-app immediately shows up with the right information. Try it with the QR-Code below!

1) Support good decisions

Make it easy for your guests to find the activites that make them happy! Trailguide combines the functionality of a native app with the accessibility of a website. Your guests have everything they need on their phones in seconds.

Easily provide information and promote your activities through multiple touchpoints. Users can find your destination and activities through the Trailguide app. Embed your content interactively on your websites, share it in social media, and connect printed maps, brochures and signs to your digital content.

Trailguide allows your guests to easily get in touch with you, find information they need, and choose activities making them happy and satisfied.

2) Ensure a positive experience

From the pictures in the brochure the tour looks amazing! The pictures were taken three years ago in summer time. Now the trail is worn out, the fall rain has left big muddy areas, and the top part is already covered in snow.

Printed information is hard to keep up to date. It is costly to adapt it to seasonal changes. It is impossible to keep it up to date from day to day.

A digital tool allows you to communicate with your guests and provide current information such as the conditions of trails and tours, which ones are in good shape, which are free of snow, which are closed due to maintenance, which should be avoided due to hunting season, forestry work, etc…

Communication ensures a positive customer experience and your guests will feel valued and well taken care of.

Communication is also important in the other direction - from the guest to you. Get to know what your guests think about your activities and about the actual conditions. Using Trailguide your guests can provide valuable feedback with just a few clicks.

3) Surpass expectations

It is always nice to get more than you expect! Outdoor activities often require some sort of navigation to find the activity, points of interest, and to help you stay on track. Text descriptions are not enough. Printed maps are good for getting an overview, but for many hard to use for navigation (and they have no idea where you are at any moment).

The Trailguide web-app not only provides information about the activities, but also the functionality of showing your own location on the map. Orientation becomes easy and almost everyone has a smartphone these days. For more advanced users, GPX tracks off every activity can be downloaded for offline navigation.

To round off the day, the activities can be shared with friends and rated.

Solutions for innovative tourism destinations

To make sure you get happy customers that will recommend your destination and return to it, we built the Trailguide Professional platform. Digitize and present all types of outdoor activities, reach your customers, save costs, manage your infrastructure and traffic.

Find out more about Trailguide professional on our website.