Select activities by hand

Select this option in the dropdown. Scroll down to the map. Move the map to the place where you want to add activities. In the list on the left side you see the activities of this map section. Click on the eye to make individual activities visible. Or “Select all” to select all activities in this map section.

To filter and search for specific content, open the drop down next to the search box:

Here you can also select “Hidden” activities that are normally not visible in public Trailguide. You upload hidden activities if you don’t want them to be visible in public Trailguide. For example for a temporary event.

To add a point of interest (POI) make a long left click on the map. Select an icon and add a label text for it in the text box. Click, hold and drag the POI to move it to another location.

When you are done. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the map editor. Then a unique URL and QR-code is generated. You find both at the top of the map editor. Click on the QR-code to open the map in a new tab. Click on the “+” below the QR-code to see a high resolution version of the QR-code for printing:

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