Distribute information

Connect your digital content in Trailguide to print-products such as maps, brochures, and outdoor signs. Your guests just need to scan a QR-code with his or her phone and it will open up the web-app. All information and functions are instantly available on the phone without the barrier of downloading, installing and registering an account for a native app.

Connect to print products

Connect your digital content to print products. A paper map provides a great overview over an area. With a QR-code you can link physical map with the online digital content in Trailguide, showing the same activities as on paper, but enabling you to provide updated and current information. The same can be done with brochures, magazines, flyers, stickers, outdoor signs, and more.


Connecting signs with digital content opens many possibilities. The space on a sign is limited. With a small QR-code you can directly link to the information of the specific activity. Provide a digital map, navigation tool, description, pictures, latest conditions & more.

Printed information can get outdated fast. A digital version of the content is easy to keep up to date. Guests can see the latest condition reports, the status of the activity, warnings for forestry work, trail building activities, information about hunting, etc.

Rental & test bikes

Place a small sticker with a QR code on the frames of your rental bikes. Your guests will always have access to your available tours by scanning the QR codes on their bikes. You can create customized maps and collections for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

Guests often to not know the area when renting bikes. With Trailguide they get to know where to ride, and a navigation tool to find the tours.

Customized collections

Create customized collections with a map and list of your exlusive content and have full control of what is shown to your guests.

Provide an overview over all your activities, or show specific ones only. You can create an unlimited number of customized collections.

Select the tracks and points of interest you want to show. Choose the map style and the visible map section.

Every map has a uniqe URL such as and a QR-code pointing to the URL. The QR-code will never change once you have made it, so you can safely modify the content of the map without the need to replace your printed material.

Read more about how to create customized maps here

Product: Trailguide Professional

High performance tool for innovative tourism destinations for digitizing outdoor sports and activities to inform and communicate with your guests, help them navigate, and manage your content.
  • Reach & inform: Be visible as an official destination and reach your customers & guests
  • Present & manage: Upload and control your own content
  • Map editor: Create individual maps for your outdoor activities
  • Plugins: embedd interactive maps easily on your websites or apps
  • Dynamic QR-codes: connect digital information to prints & signs
  • Provide an information and navigation tool to your guests
  • Get feedback about your trails
  • Dashboard: statistics about your content, users and feedback
  • Service: We will help and answer you all questions about the technical side of the software.
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Medium50225.000 kr
Large200360.000 kr
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