Content services

We optimize, upload and maintain your content if you have no time to do it. You don't have great pictures, professional text and GPS data for your activities? We are experts in creating high quality content to show what makes your destination unique.

Content management

We can do the work for you!

Trailguide has been created to be easy to use, but if you find you do not have the capacity to work with the content yourself, we can do it for you. We will upload and maintain your content for you.

We optimize your outdoor content preparing it so your map is clear and easy to use, the descriptions are helpful and to the point, and making sure your pictures are optimized to look great.

We also create the customized maps and plugins you need for your website, print-products and QR codes for outdoor signs.

Creating content

If you currenty lack great pictures, professional text and GPS data for your activities or need updated content, we have the expertice and experience to create high quality content showing what makes your destination unique.

Content is the basic element of the communication to your potential guests. Often decisions are made in a split of a second and the first impression counts. Benefit from our long experience in outdoor sports and media creation to represent your product in an attractive and professional way.

The usage of this content is not limited to Trailguide, but can be used in all your communication channels!

Product: Content services
Upload content: price per 10 tracks or points. Data such as gpx files, pictures, videos, and description must be provided.1.500 kr
Create digital custom maps: price per map950 kr
Photo and video shooting, stories for articles and posts.Contact us
All prices without VAT

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