Guide your guests

In addition to giving access to all your outdoor activity content, the Trailguide app can also be used by your guests as a navigation app to find the activities and to stay on track. Providing up-to-date information about activities, conditions and closing or opening routes helps you manage and distribute the traffic pattern of your guests.

Navigation tool

The app can be used to find activities and navigate on tracks. Clicking the prominently displayed location-button will show the user's current position on the map.

With our selection of detailed topographical maps navigating outdoors is easy and enjoyable.

The GPX tracks of every activity can be downloaded by the user and used for offline navigation access on any GPS device.

Traffic management and distribution

Reduce maintenance costs by spreading the traffic onto more trails to reduce the load on few popular ones or channel the traffic to the more robust and sustainable trails.

Publish and make visible trails to attract traffic, or hide trails to avoid areas of conflict such as private properties, during hunting season, forestry work, or while trail building and maintenance.

Provide a positive user experience and protect your trails by guiding your guests onto trails that are in a good condition. Avoid trails that are affected by heavy rain falls, or snow and ice.

avoid experiences like this by channeling and distributing traffic

Product: Trailguide Professional

High performance tool for innovative tourism destinations for digitizing outdoor sports and activities to inform and communicate with your guests, help them navigate, and manage your content.
  • Reach & inform: Be visible as an official destination and reach your customers & guests
  • Present & manage: Upload and control your own content
  • Map editor: Create individual maps for your outdoor activities
  • Plugins: embedd interactive maps easily on your websites or apps
  • Dynamic QR-codes: connect digital information to prints & signs
  • Provide an information and navigation tool to your guests
  • Get feedback about your trails
  • Dashboard: statistics about your content, users and feedback
  • Service: We will help and answer you all questions about the technical side of the software.
Small7110.000 kr
Medium50225.000 kr
Large200360.000 kr
Plus50010Contact us
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