Inform your guests

Provide all necessary information in one app by adding it to Trailguide. The app makes it easy to find any activites that fit the abilities and wishes of your guests, no matter if it is a long and challenging MTB tour or an easy walk to a nearby lake.

All information available in one place

Provide all the information your guests need to know about the activities. Everything is accessible from the desktop computer at home, and from the phone outdoors.

Pictures, videos, description, local services, latest conditions, the location or the track with its height profile, its length, ascends and descends.

Click here to open a typical activity page.

Find suitable activities

The trailguide app opens with an interactive map allowing your guests to intuitively explore your destination by scanning and zooming through the map, selecting interesting activities in your area.

All activities can also be accessed through a list wheren the guest can search and filter for suitable activities.

Filter and search

An available filter function enables your guests to narrow down search results to their specific wishes and abilities. Filter for type of activity, difficulty, length, conditions or recommendations.

Product: Trailguide Professional

High performance tool for innovative tourism destinations for digitizing outdoor sports and activities to inform and communicate with your guests, help them navigate, and manage your content.
  • Reach & inform: Be visible as an official destination and reach your customers & guests
  • Present & manage: Upload and control your own content
  • Map editor: Create individual maps for your outdoor activities
  • Plugins: embedd interactive maps easily on your websites or apps
  • Dynamic QR-codes: connect digital information to prints & signs
  • Provide an information and navigation tool to your guests
  • Get feedback about your trails
  • Dashboard: statistics about your content, users and feedback
  • Service: We will help and answer you all questions about the technical side of the software.
Small7110.000 kr
Medium50225.000 kr
Large200360.000 kr
Plus50010Contact us
All prices per year, without VAT

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