Performance and scalability

Trailguide is a lean and fast web app, often proven to be faster than native Android or iPhone apps. The platform is build on modern web technology, highly performant, scalable and is capable of serving content and maps to thousands of users simultaneously.


Trailguide is a web app. No download, installation or registration process is needed. A fully functional app with all available content shows up instantly on your guests phones when opening

Trailguide is very small and runs on any device with a web browser. From small cheap phones, to Tesla cars. With only 270 KB, the app loads and starts in less than a second in most cases. Even with a bad mobile reception, on slower phones, or if the phones memory is full it will still work fine.


The Trailguide app and database servers run on Amazon Web Services and will scale automatically by starting new servers when needed and can handle very high traffic loads.

Trailguide has developed its own topographical map based on the most recent data from OpenStreetMap. The map is served from our own dedicated high speed server with huge amounts of storage space so you know the map will always show up. We did not want to depend on other services for this.

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