Trailguide Products

1) Trailguide Professional

High performance tool for innovative tourism destinations for digitizing outdoor sports and activities to inform and communicate with your guests, help them navigate, and manage your content.

  • Reach & inform: Be visible as an official destination and reach your customers & guests
  • Present & manage: Upload and control your own content
  • Map editor: Create individual maps for your outdoor activities
  • Plugins: embedd interactive maps easily on your websites or apps
  • Dynamic QR-codes: connect digital information to prints & signs
  • Provide an information and navigation tool to your guests
  • Get feedback about your trails
  • Dashboard: statistics about your content, users and feedback
  • Service: We will help and answer you all questions about the technical side of the software.
Small7110.000 kr
Medium50225.000 kr
Large200360.000 kr
Plus50010Contact us
All prices per year, without VAT

2) Trailguide Local Service Promotions

Gain more customers by promoting your business on Trailguide. Your business is visible on the map and on all trails within 20km from your business.

Guiding, shuttle, sportshop, rental, camping, event, restaurant, bar, café20km4.000 kr
15km3.200 kr
30km5.600 kr
Hotel, travel agency20km7.000 kr
15km5.600 kr
30km9.800 kr
All prices per year, without VAT

3) Print data for physical maps

Get high quality print data to create a uniform and seamless presentation of your activities online & offline.

Basemaps: Trailguide topo map, Norgeskart, Satellite.
Content: tracks & points uploaded to Trailguide.
High quality print data up to A3. Price per map section.9.500 kr
High quality print data up to A0. Price per map section.
(larger formats are possible, please contact us for information)
12.000 kr
Customized base maps or later edits are based on the required effort. We create the map style based on your wishes. What should be visible on the map and in which style?950 kr
(per hour)
3D maps. The best way to get a good understanding of the terrain and routes is a 3D real life view. With elevation data from the NASA we create a digital terrain model of your destination. The texture is either a realistic satellite picture or the Trailguide topo map. On top of that you can show the routes of your activities, points of interest, and text lables.35.000 kr
All prices without VAT

4) Content service

If you don't have time to upload the content and create customized maps yourself, this is no problem. We will do it for you! If you don't have content, we create pictures, videos, and stories for articles and posts.

Upload content: price per 10 tracks or points. Data such as gpx files, pictures, videos, and description must be provided.1.500 kr
Create digital custom maps: price per map950 kr
Photo and video shooting, stories for articles and posts.Contact us
All prices without VAT

5) Marketing

Reach your customers through the Trailguide network!

Get more customers by promoting your destination through Trailguide. Get your own destination landing page, article, and great pictures. Get promoted through our channels like the app, website, newsletter, Instagram and Facebook.Contact us
All prices without VAT

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