Promote your destination, activities, or local service on Trailguide to reach your customers through the app, website and the Trailguide network.

Official destination

Be visible on Trailguide as an official destination in the app and on our website. Trailguide is used by more than 30.000 users per month by people that are dedicated outdoor enthusiasts and like to travel.

Get your destination page on Trailguide and present your activities with your identity.

Content experts & marketing campaigns

We are experts in outdoor sports and can create high quality content for you. Promote your destination through the Trailguide network and reach new customers. Read more here.

Get your own destination landing page, articles, and great pictures. Get promoted through our channels including the Trailguide app itself, our websites, newsletter, and our social media channels with dedicated followers.

Product: Marketing campaigns:
Get more customers by promoting your destination through Trailguide. Get your own destination landing page, article, and great pictures. Get promoted through our channels like the app, website, newsletter, Instagram and Facebook.Contact us
All prices without VAT

Local service

Planning the holiday and the tours, it is very valuable to know where to stay over night, where to rent or fix a bike, where to find the right gear in a sport shop, book guided tours, or to find the best place for a drink and a good meal after the tour.

Promote your local service on Trailguide and get more customers. Your local service will be visible on the map as a point of interest and visible in all activity pages in a radius of 20km around your location.

Product: Ad for local businesses:
Guiding, shuttle, sportshop, rental, camping, event, restaurant, bar, café20km4.000 kr
15km3.200 kr
30km5.600 kr
Hotel, travel agency20km7.000 kr
15km5.600 kr
30km9.800 kr
All prices per year, without VAT

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