How do I add a trail to Trailguide

1. Go to using your web browser on the computer

2. Log in (using your Google or Facebook account)

3. Click on add to open the trail editor

4. Drag and drop a GPS-file into the trail editor (.gpx or .fit)

Crop the file if needed by sliding the start and end point.
You can also reverse the trail if it happens to be in the wrong direction.

5. Select activity type, difficulty level and visibility.

Add a trail name, and description and use the bottom box to describe where to find the trail. The description box is aimed to give users an idea of how the trail is generally experienced.

Difficulty level: Imagine you are on the trail with bicyle trailer with a sleeping kid in.
  • Easy/Green: The kid wakes up, but is not crying.
  • Intermediate/Blue: The kid wakes up and is crying.
  • Difficult/Red: The kid is gone.
  • Expert/Black: The bicycle trailer is gone.

A Public trail will be visible on the map. A hidden trail will only be visible in the user profile page. A secret trail will not be visible to anyone not having the direct link.

Select characteristics that describe the trail. Add a YouTube link if you want to embed a video.

Click save and you’re done!

6. Add images

After you’ve saved the trail you can also add photos. A great picture will really make the trail stand out and encourage people to check it out.