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Trailguide connects bikers to all the information and services they need to enjoy their ride and have a great experience.


(Resort, Tourism ass., Municipality)

You have a beautiful nature and great network of singletracks? That is what mountain bikers are looking for
Make information easily accessible. Connect to bikers and attract more to your destinaction. Challenge, motivate and guide your guests. Manage traffic, optimize your trails and processes.


A hot shower and a soft bed is one of the best things after a long day on the bike. The focus of accommodations on biking, provides a great overall experience and an uncomplicated stay.
Attract guests, show them what great trails are at your destination and give them a tool to find them.

Restaurants & Bars

One of the biggest needs is to fill up energy storages before, during and after the ride. Nothing beats a cold beer, an ice cream or a coffee directly after the tour.
Be visible on Trailguide and connect to bikers. Attract more customers.

Bike Guides & Shuttles

Nothing can replace the experience you have with a guide. The local knowledge, secret trails and the best combination, technical training, organisation, safety, best food, stories and laughs you only get from a local guide. Shuttles can support your uphills and maximize your descents.
Bring more bikers into your region. Show your services and get more customers.

Sport shops

Rent a bike, repair broken parts, get replacement, see the newest gear, go shopping.
Show your services and attract more customers. Show them the trails in your region and provide a free tool for visitors.


From Bike Festivals to Races, biking with others in a new location is always great.
Provide all the necessary information to your visitors. Challenge, motivate and guide them. Optimize your processes.

Travel Agencies

A complete package for a short or longer bike trip is the best and easiest way to have a relaxed holiday and a great experience.
Show your services to bikers and get more customers.

Bike Clubs & Associations

The power of the many. Ride together, build trails, organize events, give your experience to the youth, enjoy the sport.
Make information easily accessible. Connect to bikers, challenge, motivate and guide members and guests. Manage traffic, optimize your trails and processes.


Bikers always look for great places to ride and love to dream about the next bike trip, no matter if it's close or far away.
Complete your digital article with interactive maps. Connect your print medium with QR codes to the digital world. Give your readers information and a free tool at the same time.

Trailguide Products

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