Digital solutions for tourism

Trailguide is a digital guide to all your outdoor activities. Instantly accessible and easy to use.

Reach your customers. Provide an info & navigation app to your guests. Connect print products to your digital content. Get feedback and statistics. Save costs, manage your infrastructure & traffic. All with one easy accessible web-app!

Digitize your outdoor activities!

Digitize your activities and present them to your guests. Have the app with your content only, embed interactive maps and lists on your websites, create customized collections for your activities and be in full controll of your content. read more…

Inform your guests!

Provide all necessary information in one app. Trailguide makes it easy to find an activites that fit your guests abilities and wishes, no matter if it is a long and challenging MTB tour or an easy walk to the next lake. read more…

Access information everywhere!

Connect your digital content to print products like maps, brochures, and signs. Scanning a QR-code shows the excact information your guests need. All information and functions are instantly available on the phone without the barrier of downloading, installing and registering to a native app. read more…

Guide your guests!

The app can be used for navigation to find the activities and to stay on track. Provide up to date information about conditions and manage your traffic by opening and closing routes and places. read more…

Save costs!

Reduce costs by maintaining a single source of data for the app, website and print products. Traffic management reduces maintenance costs of the infrastructure. read more…

Improve your processes and infrastructure!

Get feedback about your activities directly from your guests. See statistics about your content and the user activity. read more…

Get high quality print data!

Get high quality print data with our detailed and customizable topographical maps for a uniform and seamless presentation of your activities online & offline. For a realistic look we can create a 3D model of your destination and activities. read more…

Reach your customers!

Promote your destination, activities, or local service on Trailguide to reach your customers through the app, website and the Trailguide network. read more…

Content service. Save time!

We optimize, upload and maintain your content if you have no time to do it. You don't have great pictures, professional text and GPS data for your activities? We are experts in creating high quality content to show what makes your destination unique. read more…

High performance!

Trailguide is a scalable, fast, and high performance software. It is capable of serving the maps, content and services to thousands of users simultaneously. The usage is fast and smooth, without long loading times or drag. The user input renders instant feedback and makes the usage easy and enjoyable. read more…

Trailguide Products

With the Trailguide professional software you have the perfect tool for communication, management and marketing of your destination and activities. Local businesses can promote their services and get more customers. read more…

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Who uses Trailguide?

Tourism destinations

Destinations use Trailguide to present their outdoor activities and provide a great info & navigation app to their guests.

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Mountain bikers

Trailguide is used by mountain bikers of all abilities to find and share great tours to ride.


Make your hotel visible on Trailguide to attract more tourists. Offer local trail maps and navigation.

Guides & Shuttles

Bike guides and shuttle companies use Trailguide to connect to bikers and offer maps and navigation for shuttle-only guests.

Restaurants & Bars

Add your business to Trailguide to attract tourists visiting the destination. Nothing better than good food or a beer after the tour!

Sport Shops

Sport shops, workshops, rentals and other sports shops can promote their services on Trailguide.


Provide all necessary information and a navigation tool to your visitors.

Bike Clubs & Associations

Use Trailguide as an info tool, for events, trail building and management.


Complete your article with interactive maps. Connect your print medium with QR codes to the digital world.