Trailguide White Label App

We offer custom white-label tour apps for your reosrt or destination. Maintain total control of the content you present to your guests and visitors having your own tour app.

The information you present to your guests is limited to those activities related to your destination only.

The app is a modern web app which enables you as a destination to get the proper information into the hands of your guests very easily. The only thing they need to do is to scan a QR code or click a link.

It only takes 1 second to download and get access to related information, digital maps, and GPS navigation.

Even though no installation is required to actually use your app, the guests can still install it in seconds by adding it to the home screen of their phone.

available as
iphone frameYour app will have its own name and icon
Your app will have its own app name and icon and can be installed as any other native app on a phone or tablet.
iphone frameYou can control the visual appearance
In addition to having full control over the content, you can also control the look & feel of the app.
iphone frameMake local services available in the app
Make local services such as hotels, restaurants, and shops available to your guests directly in your app.