Trailguide destination solutions

We truly believe that technology can enhance and enrich the outdoor experience for visitors to your destination.

By using our solutions for digitalization and immediate accessibility you can offer your visitors a premium experience.

Your visitors will be happier, they might stay longer, and they will let their friends know about your great destination. Let the visitors to your destination act as your marketing office.

Your day to day work managing and presenting your outdoor activity offerings will be a lot easier, more efficient and will save you time and money.

Give your visitors the right tools for exploration

Lack of local knowledge
Your employees working in the tourist office might not have a complete knowledge of the tours you offer. Visitors might not be used to using paper based maps.

Immediate access
Give your visitors easy and immediate access to relevant tour information, maps, and GPS navigation through their smart phones.

No installation and registration
Do not force your visitors to download and install an app from the app store, register an account, and have them pay to get access.

Scan a QR code
The app is a modern web app where the only thing your visitors need to do is to scan a QR-code or click a link to open the app. Even though there is no installation required to use the app, your visitors can install it in seconds by adding it to the home screen.

Retain complete control over the content you present

Do not dissappoint
Do not let your visitors end up in the ditch or get lost on badly marked and overgrown trails. Unhappy visitors might stay shorter and let their friends know about their bad experience.

Quality and correctness
Make sure all the information you present to your visitors is correct and up to date. With our Trailguide platform you will have full control over all content you present on all your digital channels.

Trailguide has automatic translations making it effortless to offer the content to multiple nationalities. If you want to keep control over your content translations, Trailguide will also let you do this.

Custom collections
Do you have a group of mountain bikers visiting your destination? Do you also have families wanting to ride nice mountain roads? Create custom tour collections for specific groups giving them only relevant information needed.

Brand your activities
Brand the activities you offer as a destination with your logo and name to signal these tours are official and quality approved by you.

Easily integrate tour content on your website

Avoid duplicate information
Do you find yourself constantly updating and having to synchronize the same tour information in several places?

Integration module
Integrate your tour content into your websites directly from the Trailguide database with our powerful integration module. It is simple, flexible and fast.

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Make sure you are visible to potential visitors

Attracting users
Trailguide has tens of thousands of users per week looking for outdoor activities and new places to explore.

Make sure your destination is visible and can be found by users of our free Trailguide app and might visit your region. Your destination will be clearly visible on the map with your logo and attract attention to it and the activities you offer.

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Landing page
With your own landing page on the Trailguide app, potential visitors will immediately see what you have to offer. These can include tours and activities not found in the public Trailguide app.

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Trailguide destination solutionsSmallMediumLarge
Your own custom tour appKr 15.000
Integration moduleKr 5.000
Activity managerKr 5.000
Collection managerKr 5.000
Visibility in the Trailguide AppKr 15.000
Destination landing pageKr 5.000
Activity brandingKr 5.000
Total activity count (25 free)Kr 10050100250
Portal user accounts (1 free)Kr 2.000123
PriceKr 32.500Kr 49.500Kr 81.500
Prices are per year and excluding VAT. There is an additional setup fee that includes work and training. The solution is flexible and can be adjusted to your custom needs. For prices is EUR and CHF, simply divide by ten. Contact for more information