Bike park and trail biking destination

Photo: Gisle Johnsen

Hafjell is Norway's leading destination for lift-accessed biking. The bike park has 19 trails of various levels of difficulty, with a total length of 25 km. Outside of the bike park, the area offers fantastic opportunities for all other types of cycling and hiking.

We use Trailguide to be able to collect all our different activities on one platform ... We use a lot of QR codes that we print on signs for walking and cycling ... We also use QR codes on all our rental bikes as links to a map with tour suggestions that fit the bike you have rented. In the future, I hope that we can extend the usage of Trailguide in the region and get our trail network connected to Lillehammer and further north in Gudbrandsdalen. This will make it easier for cyclists planning long trips and for those who want to stay in the region for several days.

Daniel Eriksson, Manager Hafjell Bike Park

A digital information system

Hafjell wanted digital maps to show website visitors what the destination offers, and help them to plan their trip. With the Trailguide web-app visitors are guided on the trails, both in and outside the park.

Photo: Gisle Johnsen

QR-codes connect to the digital world

QR-codes and Trailguides easy access technology make it easy for guests to instantly get to the right information. Hafjell has printed QR-codes on signs, infoboards, and stickers on rental bikes.

Photo: Gisle Johnsen

In the Trailguide management portal the destination created specific activity collections. Each collection has its own URL and QR-code. Scanning the code opens Trailguide with the right information and the functionality of the app. No download, no installation, no registration is required.

Interactive map of mountain bike tours outside the bike park