Hallingdal Rides

A bike region with 6 destinations

Hallingdal is Norway's new mountain bike region with six individual destinations. Two hours north of Oslo you find the beautiful valley full of natural bike trails, family friendly flow trails, bike parks, pump tracks, and also Europes longest machine build trail (17km, 1100hm).

A digital platform for the whole region

Hallingdal Rides wants to communicate the many possibilities the valley has to offer in a digital and modern way. For guests it becomes more attractive to stay longer when they see the possibilities of all six destinations. Each has its own character and is worth a visit.

Interactive maps for all websites

With Trailguide, Hallingdal is able to manage all the activities on one platform. The content is embeded on the websites of all individual destinations and on the Hallingdal Rides website. Interactive maps with a list, search and filter make it easy for guests to see what the region has to offer.

Interactive map of Hallingdal with MTB trails of all six destinations.

Easy access

Trailguides technology allows easy and quick access to the information and the features of the app. Hallingdal created collections for the individual destinations. These collections show selected content and are accessible through qr-codes. Test it yourself with this code.

Interactive map of mountain bike trails in Nesbyen

Signs and prints connected to digital information

Each destination has its own signage and print products. Guests can scan the qr-code to get to the same map as on the infoboard, but with up-to-date information and the functionality of the app.

Trailguide is functional, user-friendly, very innovative and flexible. It is a great advantage to be able to communicate with the people who work at Trailguide to be able to convey our needs. All in all, the service works very well for our purposes - there is little to put your finger on!”

Lars Storheim, Hallingdal Rides