VPG - Vertical Playground

Sport shop with online shop

Vertical Playground is a sport shop in Oppdal, Norway. The whole team consists of biking, skiing, climbing, hiking, or whitwater kayaking enthusiasts. VPG has the knowledge and provides the goods. Not only through their physical store, but also through their large and fast online shop.

By advertising on Trailguide we can reach our target group, ...

Trygve Sande, CEO VPG

Reach your customers

VPG is visible on Trailguide on the map and in the activity descriptions in a radius of 20km around their location. With our specific target group, their ad can achieve a high level of effectiveness. Only activity related services are visible in Trailguide. So the entry provides a value to the users and they can easily find what they need.

Interactive map with VPG in the center. Click on the icon. And find their ad in the activity descriptions.