How do I use Trailguide for navigation?

The default mode for the GPS in Trailguide is to show you the position on the map once if you click on the location icon. It will not follow you around while you move.

If you want to use Trailguide for continuous navigation, you can also do so without any problems.

How do I install Trailguide as an App?

How do I get the GPS working on iPhone?

iphone frameOpen trailguide app settings
1) Open the trailguide app settings dialog
iphone framePrivacy menu
2) Turn on navigation mode
iphone frameToggle navigation mode
3) You can also toggle between navigation and location mode by pressing and holding the location icon for more than one second
iphone frameVoila! Trailguide will now always follow your location
4) Voila! Trailguide will now always follow your location

On Android the screen will normally not shut down while Trailguide is in navigation mode, but this might happen on the iPhone. In this case, you can set the screen Auto-Lock to "never".

iphone frameOpen the settings app on your iPhone
5) Open the settings app on your iPhone
iphone frameSet Auto-Lock to never
6) Set Auto-Lock to never