The Trailguide App

Trailguide is an app to share, find, and navigate outdoor activities crowd-sourced by outdoor enthusiasts.

The app offers maps, height profiles, navigation, tour descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and condition reports.

The web app is accessed through your web browser by going to and is installed by adding it to your home screen.

Read more about the maps, layers, list, content, navigation, searching, filtering, and user pages

Install Trailguide

The map

The Trailguide App is focused around the map. Activities are clustered in blue "bubbles" of varying sizes and color depth to indicate the number of activities in the area. You can zoom and move around the map. You can click on the blue bubbles to zoom in to that specific area. Click on a track to show information about it at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the bottom information bar will open the full trail page.

iphone frameTrail clustering in Finale Ligure
The blue "bubble" with the number 77 indicates that there are 77 trails to be found in the area of Finale Ligure in Italy.
iphone frameClicking on the cluster bubble
Clicking on the "cluster bubble" will zoom into the area of Finale Ligure and reveal all the tracks on the map.
iphone frameClicking on a track
Clicking on a track will show information about the trail, including the height profile. Moving your finger on the height profile indicates the position on the track.
Map layers

You can select your base map layer and map overlays by clicking the map-selector button at the right edge of the screen. For the base layer you can select the standard Trailguide map, Norgeskart, MTBmap, Google maps, and Google satellite images.

iphone frameThe map selector
Clicking the map selector button enables you to select base maps and overlays.
iphone frameMTB Tracks
Show MTB tracks from OpenStreetMap as an overlay and enable you to navigate a dense area of trails.
iphone frameHeatmap
Showing the Strava heatmap you can see where others have been riding and enable you to find new hotspots for trail biking.
iphone frameCycle routes
Show cycle routes so you can safely navigate roads in tight city areas.
iphone frameGrayscale
Use a grayscale map for better contrast between overlaid content and the base map.
iphone frameTransparent
To see what is underneath a track (is it a road or a trail), you can make the overlay transparent.
The list of content

Browse the content from the current map selection by clicking the icon on the left edge of the screen. The list enables you to see activities from the current map section, reviews, and condition reports. Clicking on an entry in the list will open the activity page.

iphone frameBrowse activities
Browse the activities within the current map section.
iphone frameBrowse activities
Check user reviews.
iphone frameBrowse activities
Check recent condition reports.
The content

For trails and tours on Trailguide you will find a description, a map, a height profile, images, a video, reviews, and condition reports. You will also find information about other nearby trails and detailed data such as vertical gain, and track length. You can also download the GPS-track if you want to transfer it to your favorite GPS device.

iphone frameThe content page
The content page for a trail on Trailguide.
iphone frameThe content page map and height profile
Check the height profile of the track.
iphone frameTrail reviews
Check the latest reviews of the trail.
iphone frameWrite a trail review
Write your own trail reviews so others can see what you think.
iphone frameWrite a condition report
Write a condition report to let other users and the destination know.
iphone frameIndicate on the map
Mark the track on the map so it is easier to follow.
User page

See all the activities, reviews, and condition reports added by a single user on Trailguide.

iphone frameOpen the user page
Click on the user image in the content page to access the user page.
iphone frameAll the trails added by a user
See all the trails and tours added by one user
iphone frameReviews by a user
See all the reviews and condition reports by a user.