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Trailguide Launches Premium Subscription

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 18. May 2024

Since 2013, Trailguide has been free to use and ad-free. To further develop and improve the service, we are now launching Trailguide Premium – a monthly subscription for 50 NOK. The app will remain free and ad-free, but we are introducing new features for premium subscribers. Read more about why we are doing this and how you can support us here.


Trailguide 2024 Spring Edition

An overview of new features for 2024

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 17. May 2024

It is that time of year again when we release new features we have been working on during winter and spring. Check out some of the new features and see how it can make your biking even more enjoyable this season.


Plan your route, export .gpx files

author profilePeter Seidl, 9. February 2024

Just a few clicks to plan the whole tour, know the distance and climb. Export a .gpx file to navigate on your GPS device, or upload it to Trailguide.


Embrace the chill

author profileMorten Trædal, 7. December 2023

We at Trailguide love any kind of bike riding (not really, actually we only like mountain biking) and we realised we were lacking a category for riding on snow.


Why don't you make Trailguide as an app?

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 15. August 2023

We often get the question "why don't you make Trailguide as an app?" from users. There are many reasons for this and in this short blog post I try to list some of the reasons why we make Trailguide as a web app, and one reasons why we should possible have made it a native app.


iphone frameTrailguide web app

Trailguide changelog

An attempt to keep track of significant changes in the Trailguide app

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande

There are literally 100s of changes and commits to the codebase every week. Some are bug fixes, some are user interface tweaks, some are new features, some are code quality improvements.


Trailguide 2023 Spring Edition

An overview of what is possible with the Trailguide app

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 18. May 2023

Trailguide is under constant development and we add new possibilities all the time, but we are not very good at telling you about them. Check out some of the features available and see how it can help you to find great trails to enjoy this summer.


New user interface for Trailguide

An overview of the latest changes and improvements

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 24. April 2023

The user interface of Trailguide has evolved a lot over the years. Little by little it has changed as we learn more and add more features. I think it has improved the ease and efficiency of use and at the same time making it look a lot better. See what changes we have made this spring.


Developers corner

See how the sausage is made

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 2. February 2023

Thoughts and ramblings from underneath a pile of 200.000 lines of JavaScript code.


What does digitalization mean for tourism?

author profilePeter Seidl

Digitalization is often misunderstood. Poor implementation can leave the customers annoyed and frustrated. Find out how to use technology to enhance your customers experience, and to optimize your own processes.


Preserve our trails

How to find trails in good conditions, and to help preserve them

author profilePeter Seidl

A new study shows the effects of mountain biking on trails. With Trailguide you can find trails in good conditions and help to keep them in a good shape.


Tjøme trail & code hackathon

Developing and field testing new functions for Trailguide

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 21. May 2021

Last weekend we headed off to the islands of Tjøme and Nøtterøy where they have a really dense network of trails to find out how we could improve trailguide to help guide you through such a trail network.

Read more about how it went here...

New interface & functions

The next evolutionary step

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 12. May 2021

The new version of Trailguide comes with new functions, better ergonomics and an easy to use interface. read more...

Trailguide inngår samarbeid med satellittselskap

Vi har allerede fått på plass ny funksjonalitet basert på satellittdata som vil være til stor hjelp for syklister

author profileTonje Sameien, 1. April 2021

Skal samarbeide med satellittselskap, innfører prikk-system for å få bukt med «strava-syklister» og skal bruke satellittdata og ansiktsgjenkjenningsteknologi for å identifisere stitroll. read more...

Fat Biking now on Trailguide

Interview med Nina Gässler

author profilePeter Seidl, 29. January 2021

"Snø er magi!" sier Nina Gässler, grunnlegger av et av Europas lengste Fatbike-ritt. Les om fascinasjon av vintersykling og få tips til ditt neste vintereventyr.

Trailguide vokser

Flere ansatte, ny investor

author profileTonje Sameien, 7. January 2021

Trailguide vokser. Med ny investor, støtte fra Gol Kommune og lånemidler fra Innovasjon Norge får Trailguide viktig kapital til å utvide teamet, og dermed flere ressurser til utvikling.

Improve your customer experience

Three tips to get happy customers

author profilePeter Seidl

Happy customers stay longer, recommend your destination, and they come back! As a destination offering outdoor activities, you want your customers to be able to ...

Sharing is bad! Or not?

Discussing the effects on mountain biking

author profilePeter Seidl, 12. June 2020

Does sharing information about great trails and beautiful places have a negative effect on mountain biking? Here is why I think there are many positive effects! read more...

Trailguide Patreon

Consider helping us with our digital service bills

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 7. June 2020

Trailguide is a free bike guide for everyone. We put in a lot of work to develop and run the service. With the increased traffic we experience there are also rising costs for the digital services we use to run Trailguide. read more...

New Trailguide App 2020

New functions, new map, easier to use

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 28. May 2020

After a long winter full of work, we finally can release Trailguide 2020. Find lots of new features that make it even easier to find and share great trails! read more...

How to turn on the GPS for iPhones

Location service for Trailguide in IOS

author profilePeter Seidl, 25. October 2019

Here you can find out how you can activate the location services and see your own location in Trailguide to find and navigate on the best trails. read more...

Local Services on the map!

Additional information & better visibility

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 27. September 2019

Now you can see local services on the map! See all information along with the point of interest. read more...

Trailguide jersey

Pre order opens now!

author profilePeter Seidl, 18. September 2019

They are green, they are from Trailguide, they are for biking, they are awesome! read more...

New version of Trailguide

Smaller, faster, better!

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 9. August 2019

Trailguide can be installed on your phone, has new functions, is smaller, faster, and easier to use! read more...

User awards by Norrøna

Trailguide Community

author profilePeter Seidl, 10. July 2019

Less driving and flying because of more, and easy accessible information? Share the local trails, and win clothing and equipment from Norrøna. read more...

Ads for local services

Trailguide Professional

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 14. April 2019

Are you a bike shop, guide, restaurant, accomodation, or offer any other bike and tourism related services? Promote your local service on Trailguide and get more customers! read more...

EVOC userawards

Trailguide Community

author profilePeter Seidl, 28. October 2018

Did you ride and track some nice singletracks this season? Upload your tracks to Trailguide and you will participate in the drawing of the EVOC User Awards on November 15th. read more...

Best of Trailguide

The best new trails and destinations PART 2

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 11. September 2018

So many great trails were already uploaded by our user community that we have to show you the best new riding spots. In PART 2 you find Ligurian goods, the French Côte d'Azur, riding at the foothills of Mont-Blanc, and hot Spanish Enduro trails. read more...

User Awards

Trailguide community

author profilePeter Seidl, 31. August 2018

So many trails were uploaded by many users in the first half of the season that we already want to reward the contributors. With our partners the Aletsch Arena and Hotel Alpenblick, we send you to a great bike weekend. read more...

Win tickets for the Trail Trophy Kronplatz

The last race of the Trail Trophy series.

author profilePeter Seidl, 29. August 2018

Slowly autumn is coming and the 2018 Trail Trophy race series comes to an end. Take the chance and win two tickets to the last Enduro race at the Kronplatz, Italy. read more...

Upload your tracks

Share your trails and find thousands of others!

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 14. August 2018

Were you ever glad about a tip for a great MTB singletrack? On Trailguide you can find and share the best singletracks. Upload your trails and win bike trips and equipment! read more...

Win tickets for the 3 Länder Enduro Race

Booked out in minutes you now can win two tickets

author profilePeter Seidl, 9. August 2018

The resort at the border of Austria and Italy is truly a gem for all enduro fans. The lifts open up a wide area around the 1500m high Reschenpass with it’s two beautiful lakes. read more...

Height Profiles

Long desired: now all tracks include height profiles

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 1. August 2018

As the name already says, mountain biking is a mountain sport. The most obvious characteristic of a mountain is the elevation. Now you find all the numbers about climbs and descents on Trailguide. read more...

Win tickets for the Trail Trophy Flims Laax

Enjoy the best trails in three days of Racing

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 11. July 2018

Flims Laax in Graubünden, Switzerland offers some of the most versatile terrain to ride your mountain bike on. In three days of racing you can discover the best singletracks of the area in a relaxed atmosphere. read more...

Best of Trailguide

See the best new trails and destinations PART 1

author profilePeter Seidl, 4. July 2018

So many great trails were already uploaded by our user community, that we have to show you the best new spots for biking already mid season. In PART 1 you find Norwegian fjords, Romanian forests and Greek coast trails. read more...

Nesbyen Enduro 2018

Two thousand vertical meters of dry and dusty trails

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 28. May 2018

This weekend the first race of the Norwegien 80/20 enduro series was held in Nesbyen, Hallingdal in Norway on perfect dry and dusty trails in a fantastic weather. The event was also an EWS qualifier, so you could find happy riders from Norway, Sweden, Australia, UK, Denmark and more. read more...

Easy trail maps with Trailguide

Present your destination, trails or event.

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 15. May 2018

Configure and embedd a trail map on your website, in an article or even in your app. Show destination or event specific content with the easy trail maps of Trailguide. read more...

Win 3 tickets for the Trail Trophy in Latsch

Latsch in Südtirol, Italy calls for the next enduro race and you can win three tickets to enter.

author profilePeter Seidl, 9. May 2018

The Vinschgau valley is one of the best areas in the Alps for mountain biking. From the 25th-27th May, the next race of the Trail Trophy Enduro Series takes place there and you can win three tickets to enter. read more...

Trail maps for enduro races

Interactive race maps for the Trail Trophy

author profilePeter Seidl, 7. May 2018

Interactive trail maps from Trailguide are not only available for MTB destinations, bike clubs ore festivals. Now you can also show your enduro race on Trailguide. read more...

Top Destinations

Check out our 10 favourite biking locations for 2018

author profilePeter Seidl, 27. March 2018

We show you the destinations we are still dreaming of. Of great trails and of an awesome nature. Places where we would love to go back immediately. read more...

Top Trails

These are our 10 favourite mtb singletracks for 2018

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 16. March 2018

Long or short, close or far away. Doesn't matter if you finish the trail with a big smile on your face. read more...

Best Pictures

Gallery & calendar

author profilePeter Seidl, 8. March 2018

The best pictures of 2017 plus the trails they were shot on. Also win five calendars printed in high quality. read more...

User Awards

Trailguide community

author profilePeter Seidl, 2. March 2018

Over 1.000 trails were added by the Trailguide community, pictures uploaded and trails reviewed. We want to thank you for contributing and making Trailguide a great and very useful guide for everyone. Here we reward the most active users. read more...

Software Update

New functions and cool technology

author profileBjørn Jarle Kvande, 19. February 2018

What functions were developed lately in Trailguide and what the heck is a web app? read more...